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Welcome to the Gateway District!

The Mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral decisions throughout their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

Gateway District’s Klondike Games

February 3-5, Golden Gate Canyon State Park

This is open to all Boy, Venture, Varsity Scouts and Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts. You will have an opportunity to register at Roundtable. You will also be able to get the latest updates and questions answered.

We are still looking for a Troop, Crew or Team that would like to run our last event that needs to be covered.

Our next staff meeting will be on Sunday Jan. 8th at 7:00 PM at St. Anne’s School, 7320 Grant Pl. in Old town Arvada.

If you are unable to attend Roundtable, which would be too bad, you can register online and obtain the Leaders Guide and sled designs as well.

Event Contact Person: John Beattie
Gateway Program/Activities Chairperson

2017 is Around the Corner!

Submit your completed Journey to Excellence (JTE) forms by 12/31 for free badges of rank.

Submit your Unit rosters to your District Professional.

Charter Renewal Guide. Process starts online on 12/1/2016.


Roundtable is a monthly meeting that occurs on the 1st Thursday of the month. We meet at 6490 Quail Street in Arvada, Colorado. This meeting has general information, updates and news items along with Cub Scout and Boy Scout specific breakouts. We start roundtable promptly at 7:00pm and are typically done by 8:30pm. The roundtable staff looks forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

Summer Camps

Don't forget to keep track of all the nights your unit spends camping. Not only is camping one of the best, if not the best, parts of scouting it also counts towards your unit's Journey to Excellence score. In addition you and the Scouts in your unit(s) can earn one of many really cool National Outdoor Summer Time Awards.

Learn more about summer camps here.

Please feel free to reach out to our district camping chair, Dick Williams, with questions or to report your camping numbers.

Internet Advancement

Internet Advancement allows you to register once as a first time user and then to log in as a returning user to submit ranks and awards for your unit members. If you log out before you submit a report, your data will be saved.  Additionally, Internet Advancement will dynamically return you to the Stage you were in when you left. For example, if you have completed Stage 1 of the process, when you return, you will begin at Stage 2.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Stage 1: Load your unit information from the council or upload an advancement file.  
Stage 2: Select the members you wish to update and insert the new advancement information.  
Stage 3: Submit your unit's advancement information to the council. Then print the Advancement Report packet that includes the Unit Awards Summary. Units set their own schedule for submitting reports. We recommend submitting a report every month. Each December a final report with anything not already recorded for the year should be submitted before month end.

Troop/Crew Recruitment Help:

Journey to Excellence

Journey to Excellence is the performance recognition program for Councils, Districts, and Units. This program uses a balanced approach and key performance indicators to measure performance versus process, encourage and reward success, and achieve the mission. Journey to Excellence applications need to be turned in before January 1 in order to be accepted.

This form is due to the commissioner staff no later than December 15, 2016

2016 Journey to Excellence Pack
2016 Journey to Excellence Troop
2016 Journey to Excellence Crew
2016 Journey to Excellence Team
2016 Journey to Excellence Ship

2017 Investment in Character CampaignDonate Now!

Interested in helping make even more of a difference in our community? Try passing along the gift webpage to your neighbors, friends, coworkers, church members, and anyone else in the community you may know. Be sure to select Gateway from the drop down menu.

Time Grants

Time Grant Programs are corporate giving programs created to encourage volunteerism in communities where employees live and work. Companies like Exxon Mobil, Microsoft, Verizon and CenturyLink all have these great programs. Most companies follow the model below when it comes to these programs.

For every ___ hours of service given by an employee Company X will donate ____ up to ___ times a year or for a total of no more than $X per employee per year. ExxonMobil offers $500 for 20 hours of service in a quarter for a total of up to $2,000 per employee per year as long as the employee submits the request each quarter.

If you have questions or want to know if your employer has a Time Grant Program, please reach out to James Dockter.

Find Us On Facebook

We are continuously improving our communication to our volunteers. Like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all our events and activities.

Commissioner Service

Are you interested in helping fellow Scouters by making sure communication flows? Are you interested in helping make sure Scout units are meeting and doing things timely? Do you want to be able to give feedback to a unit so that it provides a quality program? Then being a Unit Commissioner may interest you. For further information, please contact Jason Pettis, Gateway District Commissioner

End-Year Roster Checks

Roster checks are a vital part of Scouting and we request that you turn them in twice a year, once in May/June and once in Nov/Dec. The Nov/Dec roster check process helps ensure that all youth and adults are listed correctly on your charter renewal before the system opens on January 1st.

If you would like assistance or have any questions in regards to turning in your roster, feel free to reply back to this email or reach out to James, Tobin or a commissioner.

District Contacts

If you are needing help with your Scouting Unit, please feel free to reach out to District Executives Tobin Truslow and James Dockter. For further assistance, you can reach out to your Commissioners.

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