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Staff Interviews

Interviews dates for potential Peaceful Valley and Camp Tahosa Full time and Counselor in Training staff are February 9 and 23. Interviews will be held at the Frederic C Hamilton Scout Headquarters located at 10455 W 6th Ave, Suite 100, Denver CO, 80215 from 9am to 4pm. Potential staff members should sign up for an interview on the date of their choice, February 9 or February 23.

For those candidates who are outside of the Denver Metro Area, a phone interview or Skype interview may be requested.  If you are unable to attend on the scheduled interview dates please contact Joey Quick, Ranch Director, 720-266-2106 to arrange a new time.

All potential staff members should submit a Staff Application and three reference forms prior to their interview.  Applications and reference forms can be faxed to 303-455-4689 or emailed to Sabine Berzins, 720-266-2143.

Ranch Wide Staff Announced

The 2013 Ranch Wide staff is taking shape.  Joining previously announced members are Mimi Moller returning as Horse Director and Connor Mahoney as Aquatics Director. 

For the latest updated be sure to check the Peaceful Valley Organization Chart.

Program Themes

The 2013 program themes for Camp Cris Dobbins, Cortlandt Dietler and Magness Adventure Camp have been selected.

Camp Cris Dobbins

Bust out your copies of the Iliad and get to reading, because we're going Greek! That's right folks, this summer your fearless leaders Michael and James will lead you through a mystical adventure full of Gods and Goddesses, Chimeras and Centaurs, and Olivies and, uh, Occuli (plural for Oculus, better bone up on your classical architecture!)

Magness Adventure Camp

Get ready for a trip around the USA as Magness goes "Cruising USA through Time".  Cubby will lead the fearless Magness Adventure Campers around this great country and to some of most memorable events in history.  Watch for more details soon or maybe time traveling Cubby has left them in the past.

Camp Cortlandt Dietler

New for 2013 the hardcore back to basics staff at Dietler will lead the camp in..... Ok, well they have not decided what for sure but Dietler will have a program theme for 2013. 


Whats New

Be sure to bookmark the website,, for all the latest updated for PV Staff.

New Trainings are required in 2013

With the changes to the national Camp Accreditation Program new trainings are required for all staff prior to arriving at camp.  Be sure to take a look at these course.  Completion certificates will be required of all staff members when reporting for staff week.


Did you see the new staff activity form logo? No? Well look at the top of the newsletter.  The new logo will be featured on all new activity uniform orders.  But what about the old logo?  It's still good too! As long as it's the navy blue Columbia polo it's an approved activity uniform shirt.  If your old shirt is faded, holey, stained, dirty or just doesn't fit anymore it's probably time to buy a new one or two or three or seven if you can't figure out how to work the washing machines.

Other uniform news for 2013 includes online ordering for activity uniforms and field uniform purchases at the Denver Scout Shop.  A discount coupon is being finalized for the Denver Scout Shop so please don't purchase your uniforms early if you want to save money.  The official staff uniform guide order form will be available on March 1 so watch for more details.