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Staff Directory

More than 10,000 adult volunteers and 60+ staff members keep the Scouting program alive and thriving in the Denver metro area.

If you are looking for a Pack, Troop, Team or Crew in your neighborhood, go to BeAScout.org and find one now.

Sorted by Last Name (Names are linked to email address)

    First Name Last Name Direct # Position
    Josh Atherton 720.266.2160 Team Leader - Centennial & Valley Districts
    Joe Avila 720.266.2128 LEAP Programs Para Professional
    Juanita Basquez 720.266.2159 Finance Clerk
    Josh Bayne 720.266.2123 Gateway Pre-Professional
    Sabine Berzins 720.266.2143 Assistant Camping Registrar
    Sue Boot 720.266.2154 Registrar
    Francesca Becerra 720.266.2141 Learning for Life Executive
    John Cabeza 303.455.5522 Scout Executive/CEO
    Cindy Cespedes 720.266.2148 Administrative Assistant: Director of Field Service
    Brett Chaponot 720.266.2144 Centennial District Executive
    Rob Christy 720.266.2130 Pioneer Trails District Director
    Shawn Connelly 720.266.2158 Information Technology Director
    JoLynne Conrad 720.266.2135 Field Administrative Assistant
    Will Cooper 720.266.2237 Valley District Executive
    Nicole Cosme 720.266.2218 Director of Marketing
    Kathy Craig 720.266.2242 Activities Director
    Tasha DeKock 720.266.2151 Timberline Senior District Executive
    James Dockter 720.266.2122 Arapahoe District Executive
    Jeff Duer 720.266.2145 Field Director
    Lwana Elder 720.266.2102 Unit Services Clerk
    Joseph Farrell 720.266.2133 Director of Field Service
    Scott Field 303.648.8889 Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch Superintendent
    Collin Fitzpatrick 720.266.2163 Timberline District Executive
    Crystal Flynn 720.266.2104 Assistant Registrar
    Scot Fuller 720.266.2126 Development Director
    Amy Giertz 720.266.2134 District Executive Special Needs
    Lisa Gregg 720.266.2138 Administrative Assistant to the Director of Development
    Anne Herriage 720.266.2147 Planned Gifting & Major Gifts Director
    Matthew Hickethier 720.266.2115 Arapahoe District Executive
    Brittany Huner 720.266.2165 Administrative Assistant
    Bryan    Hyatt 720.266.2155 Valley Senior District Executive
    Carla Johnson 720.266.2140 Team Leader, Learning for Life and Exploring
    Joe Lewis 720.266.2168 Ideal Year of Scouting Specialist
    JanMarie Locket 720.266.2124 Development Administrative Assistant
    Van Lucero 720.266.2149 Multi-Cultural/Special Projects Director
    Marc Lyman 303.440.4040 Tahosa Camp Ranger
    Jim Machamer 720.266.2127 Deputy Scout Executive
    David Mancinelli 720.266.2117 Gateway District Executive
    Vanessa McDougall 720.266.2139 Associate Development Director
    Arthur McFarlane 720.266.2146 Frontier District
    Bill McGuire 720.266.2108 Chief Financial Officer
    Marlyna Meinershagen 720.266.2100 Receptionist
    Lori Moran 720.266.2121 Administrative Assistant: Scout Executive
    Paul Pentilla 720.266.2132 Director of Development
    Steve Powell 720.266.2112 Print Shop Manager
    Joey Quick 720.266.2106 Camping Director
    Mary Ann Romero 720.266.2111 Camping Registrar
    Priscilla Sandos 720.266.2100 Receptionist
    Susan Scheideman 720.266.2157 Accounting Assistant
    Roberto Seira 720.266.2161 Community Alliances Executive
    Conrad Spiczka 303.648.0168 Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch Ranger
    Calin Sterling 720.266.2156 Learning For Life Executive
    Lorie Stonner 720.266.2109 Fundraising Specialist
    Ryan Thompson 720.266.2177 Centennial Senior District Executive
    Tobin Truslow 720.266.2137 Gateway Senior District Executive
    Valerie Villanueba 720.266.2107 Office Manager
    Dave Whitner 720.266.2101 Team Leader Program and Camping
    Bob Williams 720.266.2136 LEAP Programs Para Professional
    Goldie Ylitalo 720.266.2103 Unit Services Coordinator
    Anna Zhurba 303.455.5522 Payroll
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