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  • 2017 National Jamboree
  • Scouting's Report to the State of Colorado
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Denver Area Council's Camp Card

Camp Card Campaign

Need Funding for Camp? Sell Camp Cards!

Camp Card Quick Links:

To Order Camp Card Display Boards

  • Cost is $24 per board.
  • Call Vango Graphics Inc. at 303.722.6109 or email. Ask for Pam.

Camp Card Forms

How the Camp Card Sale Works

  • The Camp Card is designed to help units fund their way to 2017 camp programs
  • This is a risk-free, product sales project where all Scouts can earn their way to camp, Philmont, or other activities or simply support unit programs or supply needs
  • Each Camp Card will sell for only $5.00 to the general public and will have multiple food, service and entertainment discounts for the consumer to use throughout the year
  • The participating unit will keep up to 50% commission from the sale of each Camp Card
  • Commissions from the sales are encouraged to be applied toward directly sending youth to summer camp programs, however they may be used as the unit committee sees fit

The Value of Selling Camp Cards

Participating in the Camp Card sale allows each Scout to directly fund their way to various camp programs.

Program Cost Sales per Youth (in Cards)*
Cub Scout Day/Twilight Camp $75 30 Cards per youth to sell
Magness Adventure Camp $110 44 Cards per youth to sell
Alpine Adventure $320 128 Cards per youth to sell
National High Adventure Bases $800 320 Cards per youth to sell
Dobbins, Dietler, Eagle Point $275 110 Cards per youth to sell

*Note - Program costs and sales per youth are not necessarily actual numbers; they are close approximations.

Unit Sales Incentives

Information coming soon!

Youth Sales Incentives

Information coming soon!

2017 Camp Card Timeline

January 30 Order Camp Cards online or fax for to Council Office
February 8 Camp Card Kick-off South
February 16 Camp Card Kick-off North
March 1 Camp Card Sale Begins
May 1 Sale Ends. Units to begin turning money and unsold Camp Cards to Council
May 12 Last day for units to turn in money and unsold Camp Cards
May 31 Announcement of Top Sellers

For more information, contact Camp Card Staff Advisor Josh Atherton at 720.266.2160.

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