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Camp Cortlandt Dietler

A "Hardcore" Style of Camping

Rugged, lean, and mean; Camp Dietler is Peaceful Valley's “patrol cooking camp.” Here, troops will participate in a back-to-basics style of camping that gives Camp Dietler its bold and exciting character. Scouts will pitch their own tents, cook food as a patrol and learn how to work as a team to make their week successful. Camp Dietler will take your Scouts in, show them the true meaning of "hardcore" camping, and spit them out ready to take on any challenge nature can throw their way.

Not sure your troop has enough experience for something like this? Don’t worry; our staff  is here to help! All activities are done under the watchful eye of our trained staff, who will be on hand all week to assist you and your Scouts. We also provide the tents and platforms along with patrol boxes and cooking gear, so minimal equipment is needed on your part to have a great time at camp.

Please fill out the 2016 Reservation Form and submit the date your troop would like to attend  Cortlandt Dietler.  If your Scout wants to participate in Panning Pete's Super Troop, fill out the registration form, mail it to the Council Office or contact Mary Ann Romero, Camping Registrar.

Week 1: June 12-18 Week 2: June 19-25
Week 3: July 3-9 Week 4: July 10-16
Week 5: July 17-23  

Daily Programs

Scouts will start their day preparing breakfast in the campsite and conducting a flag ceremony. From there, its off to merit badge sessions, and with over 20 different ones to pick from, the morning will be packed full of fun! Around midday Scouts take a quick break to prepare lunch, and then it is right back out for more merit badges! 

Cooking at Camp Dietler Woodscraft at Camp Dietler Wilderness survival at Camp Dietler

As the afternoon starts winding down, Scouts will spend time as patrols working on pioneering projects or running an orienteering course. Evening is greeted with a wonderful dinner prepared by the Scouts, along with participate in various evening activities, ranging from side-splitting campfires to a camp-wide outpost, during which everyone sleeps out under the stars for a night at one of our themed sites.

See more details on merit badge and program offerings in the Program Guide.

White Water Rafting

Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch has partnered with one of Colorado’s premier rafting companies, River Runnersto provide units or individuals attending Cris Dobbins or Cortlandt Dietler the opportunity to raft down the Arkansas River as part of their summer camp experience!

See more details here.

Mission: Survival Trek

Mission: Survival Trek is a program designed to gather your wits, challenge your strengths, and provoke your sensibilities. You'll spend the week hiking, navigating by GPS as well as the stars, sleeping under the stars, and seeing parts of Peaceful Valley that few people have laid eyes upon. It's an incredible once in a lifetime experience to explore the land and its resources while at the same time exploring yourself and testing your limits.

Due to the physically and mentally strenuous nature of this program, you must be at least 14 years of age to participate. There is an additional fee of $65 to cover transportation and material costs.

For Those Still Young At Heart

Scouts should not be the only ones having fun at camp! Camp Dietler offers a wide variety of activities for adult leaders to participate in. Surf the web on our wireless high speed Internet, relax with a cup of coffee in the leader lounge, and participate in various training programs like Aquatics Supervision and Climb on Safely. You can also work on earning your Scoutmaster Challenge patch by completing a list of fun requirements designed to keep adults active throughout the week. This program is open to all adult leaders.


Camp life is based around the Dietler Commissary. From here, troops pickup meals, gather for merit badges and sign up for outposts. Campsites come equipped with canvas tents and wooden platforms, and under staff supervision, Scouts arrange these into patrol campsites at the start of each week. Each campsite has its own latrine equipped with pit toilets, showers, and hand washing stations. Each patrol in your troop will be issued a patrol box at the start of the week, equipped with everything they will need to cook their meals.

Camp Dietler and Camp Dobbins share a heated pool, man-made lake, brand new shooting facilities, and a horse corral to provide your Scouts with even more opportunities during their week at camp.

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