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EaglePoint Summer Camp

Summer Camp At Your Own Pace

EaglePoint is situated on Camp Tahosa's 320 acres and is at an elevation of over 9,000 feet above sea level!

At EaglePoint, troops have the ability to participate in a range of different weekly schedules. Want to put minimal effort into planning for camp? Choose the all-inclusive schedule in which meals, merit badges, and evening programs are planned and run by staff. Feeling a little more ambitious? Plan your week from start to finish and use the camp’s facilities and staff for support.

Whether you chose to run your own program, participate in ours, or do a little of both, we promise your experience at EaglePoint will be one of a kind!

Start the online registration process now by selecting the date your troop would like to attend EaglePoint

Week 1: June 14-20 Week 2: June 21-27
Week 3: June 28 - July 4 Week 4: July 5-11
Week 5: July 12-18 Week 6: Knights of Heroes

What options will you choose for your adventure?

Find out more about the merit badge and high adventure activities at EaglePoint.

An All-Inclusive Scouting Week 

Tree climbing at Camp Tahosa Archery at Camp Tahosa Sunset by Liberty Rock at Camp Tahosa


For those troops who want to kick back and relax, the traditional summer camp schedule gives Scouts the opportunity to move forward in rank with our Trail to Eagle program and earn merit badges like climbing, first aid, archery, environmental science, and wilderness survival.

Scouts can also cool off and go for a swim in our spring fed lake as well as take out canoes and kayaks. Older Scouts can experience our high ropes course with Project COPE or participate in our introduction to backpacking program; Tahosa Trek, which takes them on a three day mini-trek in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Schedules? We Don't Need No Stinking Schedules! 

Moose at Camp Tahosa

Rock climbing at Camp Tahosa Vistas at Camp Tahosa

Troops interested in planning and leading their own programs have a wider range of options available to them. In this program, adult leaders generally act as the merit badge instructors, troops cook their food in their campsites, and evening programs are run by your Senior Patrol Leader and Scouts. Camp Tahosa staff is on hand for support when needed, but generally play a more minor role in day-to-day activities.


Headquarters at Camp Tahosa Tumblesum Lake at Camp Tahosa Inside headquarters at Camp Tahosa

In all schedules, troops provide their own tents and have the flexibility of either eating prepared meals in the dining hall or cooking their own food in their campsite.  Each campsite has its own latrine equipped with pit toilets and hand washing stations and showering facilities are also available.

An 18 acre lake, various hiking trails, program support buildings, and a dining hall are just some of the additional facilities Camp Tahosa has to make your week amazing!

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