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    Camp Staff

    Camp Staff
    Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch &
    Tahosa High Adventure Base

    Do You Have The "Right Stuff"?

    Working for a Denver Area Council camp is not just a job, it's a lifestyle. The Denver Area Council is looking for a few good men and women who have the "Right Stuff" to join our camp staff. Spending your summer at either Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch or Tahosa High Adventure Base will provide you with an opportunity to not only have the adventure of a lifetime, but to also affect the lives of thousands of youth from across the country.

    Just Another Day At Work

    Working on camp staff is a great opportunity to spend your days outdoors while changing lives! Spend your days taking Scouts on hikes, teaching them how to shoot a gun, or relaxing with them in the evenings as you all sit around a campfire telling stories and watching skits. Other benefits of working on staff are: summer housing, three meals a day, time off on the weekends, working on your tan, and making friends from around the country and even world.

    Who Am I?

    There are various camp staff position categories:

    Counselors in Training: Age 14 & 15; Want to dip your toes into life as a staff member? Join us for a couple weeks and we'll teach you everything you need to be an amazing staff member. CITs are asked to volunteer at least three weeks during the summer, and are given meals and lodging.

    Program Counselors: Age 16 & older; Our Program Counselors are the heart and soul of summer camp. Program Counselors teach skills to our campers, lead activities, perform skits and songs at campfires, and do what's necessary to keep camp running smoothly. Apply to work in an area that suits your skills like shooting sports, climbing, aquatics, handicrafts, outdoor skills, STEM, Hollywood, cycling, and much more!

    Area Directors: Age 18 & older; Area Directors are responsible for planning and execution of the activities in their program area. They oversee other Program Counselors and CITs assigned to their area. Strong leadership skills are required, as well as a commitment to program planning before summer camp. Area Directors for "high-risk" areas like Shooting Sports, Climbing, and Aquatics must be age 21 & older

    Operations Staff: Age 16 & older (Trading Post Clerks) Age 18 & Older (All other Operations positions); Our Operations staff work behind the scenes and "make it happen." If teaching isn't your thing, but you want to make camp run these are the positions for you. Positions include Maintenance Quartermasters, Assistant Rangers, Trading Post staff (clerks, Manager, Director), Office staff, Dining Hall Steward, Commissary Director and Assistant and Health Staff. 

    Camp Administration: 21 & older; maybe you've spent a few summers as an Area Director, and think you can make camp even better? Maybe you have outside leadership experience and can apply that to camp operations? Apply to be on the leadership team to help plan summer camp throughout the year. Camp Director, Program Director, Assistant Program Director & Business Manager positions available. Camp Leadership positions require a commitment during the months leading up to summer camp.


    If you are interested in a job during the 2020 Summer Season, please complete a 2020 Camp Staff /CIT Application. For new applicants (including CIT's) please send the reference link to three people that can fill out a reference on your behalf. 


    Key Dates (All dates are subject to change.)

    December Interviews for Camp Staff (Invite Only)
    December 28 Christmas in July in December (for 2019 staff in good standing)
    January Interviews for Camp Staff (Invite Only)
    February Interviews for Camp Staff  and CIT's (Invite Only)
    March Interviews for Camp Staff  and CIT's (Invite Only)
    April 25 Scout Show
    May 2 Peaceful Valley Camp Staff Work Day
    May 9 
    Peaceful Valley Camp Staff Work Day
    May 14  Camp Staff and CIT Orientation (In person and online options) 6:30pm
    May 24 Select Staff Report to Peaceful Valley
    May 26 AD Week at Peaceful Valley
    May 31 Staff Week at Peaceful Valley
    June 7 Staff Week at Tahosa
    July 26 Last Day for Most Tahosa Staff
    July 27 Last Day for Most Peaceful Valley Staff


    For more information, please review the Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch and Tahosa High Adventure Base job descriptions by clicking on the job name, or the location of there are multiple locations. A job description will be downloaded for you.

    Positions Currently Available (in bold)

    * Must be 18 to hold this position
    ** Must be 21 to hold this position
    ^ Requires training or certification provided by the Council
    Requires certification not provided by the Council

    Position Department Location
    Camp Director**^ Administration 
    Camping Specialist**^ Administration
    • Denver (PV & TH)
    Operations Director**^ Administration
    • Peaceful Valley
    Business Manager** Administration
    • Peaceful Valley
    Program Director**^ Administration
    Asst. Program Director* Administration
    Mining District Coordinator* Administration
    • Dietler
    Health Officer**^C Operations
    Health Aide*C Operations
    • Dobbins
    • Dietler
    • Magness
    Trading Post Manager* Operations
    • Peaceful Valley
    Trading Post Lead* Operations
    • Dobbins
    Trading Post Clerk Operations
    • Dobbins
    • Dietler
    • Magness
    Shooting Sports Director**^ Operations
    • Peaceful Valley
    Aquatics Director**^C Operations
    • Peaceful Valley
    Office Manager* Operations
    Office Clerk Operations
    • Peaceful Valley

    Dining Hall Steward*

    • Dobbins
    Commissary Director* Operations
    • Dietler
    Asst. Commissary Director* Operations
    • Dietler
    Maintenance Quartermaster* Operations
    • Dobbins
    • Dietler
    • WEST
    • Magness
    Assistant Ranger* Operations
    • Tahosa
    Commissioner* Operations
    CIT Director* Operations
    CIT Coordinator* Operations
    Shelter Director* Program
    • Magness

    Area Directors Tahosa

    • Tahosa
    Trek Guide*^ Program 
    • Tahosa

    Area Directors Dobbins

  • Lake*^
  • Assistant Lake*^
  • Hollywood*
  • Nature*
  • Scoutcraft*
  • EagleBound*
  • STEM*
  • Handicraft*
  • Climbing**^
  • Cycling Lead
  • Pool*^
  • Assistant Pool*^
  • Rifle**^
  • Assistant Rifle*^
  • Shotgun**^
  • Archery*^
  • Mission Adventure*
  • Program
    • Dobbins
    Area Directors Magness Program
    • Magness
    Area Directors Dietler Program
    • Dietler

    Counselors Tahosa

    • Tahosa

    Counselors Dobbins

    • Dobbins

    Counselors Magness

    • Magness

    Counselors Dietler

    • Dietler
    Counselor In Training All Areas


    Important Documents

    Important Links

    Online Training Prior to Camp (Updated and New for 2020!)


    Uniforms should be ordered before camp. The store will open for the 2020 season in the spring. Please consult the Uniform Sizing Guidelines before ordering. Please refer to the Uniform Guidelines to see which items are required or optional, as well as can be purchased online or which items must be purchased in person from the Denver Scout Shop. A 25% discount coupon is available for download for uniform items required from the Denver Scout Shop.

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    National Youth Leadership Training

    Looking to volunteer with a National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) course? Visit for more information!