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The Valley District Committee

Please scroll down to view all Committee & Sub-Committee Chairmain. The roll of each chairman is brefily described -- please use this as a guide for any questions you might have for the District Committee.

District Chairman

Bill Weeks

The District Chairman is elected by the Charter Representatives and Members At Large, and approved by the Council Executive Board. The District Chairman leads the District Committee, initiates plans and helps committee chairmen carry out the functions of the district.

District Commissioner

Mike Zopes

Mike assigns Unit Commissioners to individual units. The purpose is to provide guidance and resources to unit leaders and committees for organizing quality programs, and to address specific needs or issues as they arise.



Jim Kuemmerle

The Valley District Membership Chairman oversees all memberhip-related activites in the District. This individual is responsible for the creation of new Scouting Units throughout the district, and for supporting the membership recruitment efforts of existing Scouting Units.


Available - Inquire for Details

The Valley District Finance Chair is responsible to oversee all fundraising and other financial aspects of the Valley District. They provide major oversight & leadership for the Valley District Investment in Character Campaign, Popcorn Campaign, Camp Card Campaign & all District-level event budgets.


Kevin Livingston

The Valley District Program Chairman ensures that all Program sites are being properly served throughout the District.

The Program Chairman oversees the following sub-committees: Activites, Advancement, Activites.


Michael Bonfiglio

The Valley District Training Chair’s goal is to have 100% of unit leadership BSA trained in their position responsibilities, and to advise unit leaders on training needs and opportunities.

Resposible for all Valley District Training, including but not limited to: IOLS, WLOT, BALOO, Leader-Specific Trainings.


Chuck Sherman

The Valley District Advancement Chairman is responsible for assisting Units with Advancement at all levels.

Responsible for all Valley District Advancement & Advancement-related events, including but not limited to: Eagle Advisors, Merit Badge Counselors, Merit Badge College, & District Dinner.


Available - Inquire for Details

The Valley District Activities Chairman oversees all District-level activites & events at all levels.

Responsible for program-related activities in the Valley District, including but not limited to: Cub Winter Adventure, Day Camp, Cub Fun Day, Camporee, Klondike Derby & District Pinewood Derby.

Camping Promotions

Chris Severns

The Valley District Camping Promotion Chair is in charge of overseeing all camping actvities for the District. This position is responsible for advertising and marketing District-level event to all Valley District Scouting Units.

Order of the Arrow

Gary Moore

Serves as the Medicine Bear Chapter Advisor for the Tahosa Lodge.


Rusty Nelson

Manages www.valleyscouters.org.

What is the District and the District Committee?

A Scouting district is an optional geographical area within the local council, as determined by the council executive board. District leaders mobilize resources to ensure the growth and success of Scouting units within the district's territory.

Members of the district committee are volunteers. The district trains adult volunteers, provides district programs for units (such as Day Camp, Camporees, Klondike Derby, Merit Badge College, to name a few), assists in the formation of new units, and helps coordinate the annual giving campaign known as Investment in Character.

The Valley District Committee

The Valley District Committee is comprised of community resources to support your unit. These leaders from the district ensure that Valley is able to provide key resources and important program to our Scouts and Leaders. The following committees meet during the coordinated committee meeting: Membership, Finance, Program. The Program committee is comprised of the following committees that also meeting during the coordinated committee: Activities, Advancement, Camping & Outdoor Promotion, and Training.

The Valley District Committee meets on the Third Thursday of the month at the LDS Summit Grove building (where Roundtable is held) at 7:00 pm located at 3501 Summit Grove Parkway, Thornton, Colorado.

The Valley District Committee needs YOU!

If you have enjoyed Scouting and would like to make sure that others have the same great experiences that you, and your son did, then we need You! We are looking for some people to help out with different District Committee functions; we are looking for help with Commissioners, Activities, Training, Membership, and Finance. If you are looking for a place to enhance yours' or your son's Scouting experience then we have a place for you if you would like to see how you can help contact Bill Weeks or Kevin Livingston.

Questions and Comments

Let us know if you have any questions or comments about the Valley District.

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