Front Range Scouting News - June 2007

“The Pirates of Magness” at Magness Adventure Camp 2007

You can still join The Pirates of Magness program for this summer as Cubby experiences the excitement of the pirate lore. Sessions are still available but many are full, so please call the council office before you place your reservations. Fourteen exciting three-day/two-night sessions are scheduled and Cub Scouts of all ages are welcome to attend any session. Space is limited to 330 participants per session and many seem to fill up faster than others. Dates for 2007 are as follows:

Session 1 -  June 10-12 (Sun –Tues)

Session 8 – July 5 -7 (Thurs – Sat)

Session 2 – June 14 -16 (Thurs – Sat)

Session 9 – July 8 – 10 (Sun – Tues)

Session 3 – June 17 – 19 (Sun – Tues)

Session 10 – July 12 – 14 (Thurs – Sat)

Session 4 – June 21 – 23 (Thurs – Sat)

Session 11 – July 15 – 17 (Sun – Tues)

Session 5 – June 24 – 26 (Sun – Tues)

Session 12 – July  19 – 21 (Thurs – Sat)

Session 6 – June 28 – 30 (Thurs – Sat)

Session 13 – July 22 -24 (Sun – Tues)

Session 7 – July 1 -3 (Sun – Tues)

Session 14 – July 26 – 28 (Thurs – Sat)

A special incentive to register for the 2008 Magness Games will be available for all packs, dens, and parents who register by the end of August – more to come soon!  For questions, please contact the Camping Department at 303-455-5522 or email 

Inspired Philanthropy – Why We Give

(Excerpted from Community Press Spring 2007) 

What makes a gift effective? Every person has a unique answer to that question. However, some themes would be common: The cause is meaningful, the purpose of the gift is intentional and the investment creates tangible change.

How we give is not just a reflection of our values, it is the living expression of who we are. We start by envisioning a better world and our philanthropic contribution is our commitment to building it. A donation is putting intention into action. A philanthropist is not defined by the amount of the gift but by the inspiration that motivates it.

Giving Habits for Everyday Philanthropists in the Denver Area *

  • Households with incomes of $30,000 or less give 4.5% of their annual income to charity
  • Households with incomes of $100,000 or more give 2.4% of their annual income to charity
  • 98% of residents give either time or money
  • 92% of residents believe charities make our lives better
  • 90% choose and organization because it is one they can trust
  • 80% believe charities are in greater need than five years ago
  • 69% believe charities are more effective than they were five years ago.
  • (*Source: The Denver Foundation’s 2005 Metro Denver Giving & Volunteering Study)

Registration is now open for Expedition: Scouting!

The 2007 Council Camporee will be held September 28-30, 2007 at Fulenwider Farm northeast of Denver International Airport.  You can now sign up online from the Council web site.  Boy Scout units can sign up to reserve your troop campsite, and Cub Scout family campers and day visitors can register to participate.  See the website for information about incentives for early signup! 

Be sure to include this exciting Jamboree-style event in your unit’s annual plan for 2007!  The Camporee will have a multitude of fun and exciting events for Scouts of all ages, including a COPE area, Native American dance exhibitions, shooting sports, and a first-rate arena show on Saturday night.  We’ve made important changes to the physical layout from 2003 to make activities more convenient to camping areas.  Scout troops (including Webelos being hosted by troops) should plan to spend the weekend camping, and Cub Scouts can either camp with us Saturday night in the Family Camping area or join us as day visitors.  Make sure your unit has this on its calendar, and watch for the Leader’s Guide and more details soon on the Council web site and at roundtables! 

If you would like more information, or would like to help with planning or executing the event, please contact:

  • Chairman: Bob Dickinson, (303-312-4138)
  • Program Chair: Joe Pacyga, (303-659-7720)
  • Facilities Chair: John Grace, (303-977-3882)
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Joe Bajek, (303-594-4498)

Rockwell Art Tour Coming to Denver in October 2007 

The National Council, Boy Scouts of America owns many of Norman Rockwell’s illustrations that he created for 52 years of calendar covers for the Boy Scouts. Each year the National Council, BSA, takes several of these paintings on National tours to allow Scouters and the general public the opportunity to view these wonderful paintings that are so “Americana”. In 2007 The Denver Area Council has been chosen to be one of the host Councils for this special event. The tour will be held on Oct. 5-6, 2007 at the Denver Art Museum. In addition to Norman Rockwell, the tour will also include paintings by his protégé, Joseph Csatari.

In 1973, Csatari became the art director of Boys' Life magazine. It was at this time that he was also able to work with his idol. Csatari gathered props and models, helping to create preliminary sketches for Rockwell for the Brown & Bigelow calendar covers. Then in 1976, Csatari was chosen by Boy Scouts of America to personally continue creating illustrations for the calendar covers. He did so until 1991 when the calendars were discontinued. Csatari continues the excellent tradition of recording scouting history with annually commissioned oil paintings

Joseph Csatari's versatility allowed him a wide range of work. He has created art for Reader's Digest, Nabisco, and Chef Boyardee, as well as over 100 book cover illustrations. A notable portrait artist, Csatari has painted more than 10 official portraits for the Boy Scouts of America and for such individuals as First Lady Betty Ford. He has created two commemorative stamps for the United States Postal Service. Csatari has also won many awards, such as the Award for Excellence in Editorial Design from the Society of Illustrators.

Csatari is still actively painting today. He finds his inspiration from real life around him and continues to create modernly relevant paintings. An example of this is the 2003 Boy Scout painting Prepared To Do A Good Turn, which commemorates the reconstruction efforts of Ground Zero. Through his realist style, Csatari has been able to produce amazing authenticity, while at the same time displaying his deep appreciation for American life

Autographed prints of Csatari’s latest Scouting painting will be available for those attending the Recognition reception on Oct. 5, 2007. This is an event you will not want to miss!

Commissioner's Corner

It’s Camp Time!  And, as Scouts and Scouters take to the outdoors for exciting programs this summer, we should be conscious of the health and safety of all involved and utilize the guidelines provided to us by the Boy Scouts of America.  The commissioner team is prepared to answer your questions and provide guidance in the design and conduct of all programs and for all ages.  Let’s deliver safe Scouting in Denver this summer!

It’s also time to take a measure of unit health.  Commissioners and the District Key 3 teams will take time to assess the quality of the program and operation of each unit during the month of June.  It is a mid-year “health” check-up that deploys the Commissioner Recognition Program (CRP) roadmap to success, our retention indicators and commissioner awareness of unit strength.  Those units being challenged with delivering a quality program will be engaged with their commissioners to develop and document an action plan for improvement.  The goal is to continuously improve the program for our youth and deliver the finest Scouting program possible – in each and every unit. 

Scouts and Scouters please welcome the new Denver Area Council web portal.  Our new website will be introduced in late June and begin to deliver more immediate news, information, schedules, event registration, and the excitement of Scouting.  Our new domain name is and we welcome you to “virtual” Scouting in Denver.  This is particularly exciting since the new site will support Fall Roundup, our new marketing campaign, and provide more effective support of Scouts and unit leaders.   

Our outstanding commissioner team is preparing to assist units with their annual planning process later this summer.  August-September is the right time to plan the entire upcoming year’s activities, programs, calendar, training, and budgets.  Quality and outstanding CRP units take this effort very seriously, since it establishes the tone and direction of the program for Scouts, Scouters and parents.  Please watch for a new training program offered via DVD at your upcoming roundtables.   Count on your commissioner to assist and guide.

The volunteers and professionals of the Denver Area Council are delivering outstanding Scouting each and every day to more than 57,000 youth.  Thanks so much to all 11,000 volunteers who contribute to this very special undertaking.  Your commissioners are here to help.


It is a Great time to be a Commissioner
“The Power of One”
One Commissioner – One Visit – Each Unit – Every Month 

Scouting Provides Lifelong Benefits

For almost 100 years, Scouting programs have instilled in youth the values found in the Scout Oath and Law. Today, these values are just as relevant in helping youth grow to their full potential as they were in 1910. Scouting helps youth develop academic skills, self-confidence, ethics, leadership skills, and citizenship skills that influence their adult lives.

Scouting has touched the lives of many youth and adults across America. By the time boys reach adulthood, 54% have been in a Scouting program at some time in their youth. Scouting provides youth with an opportunity to try new things, provide service to others, build self-confidence, and reinforce ethical standards. These opportunities not only help them when they are young, but carry forward into their adult lives, improving their relationships, their work lives, their family lives and the values by which they live. In fact, 83% of men who were scouts agree that the values they learned in Scouting continue to very important to them today, with 63% who were Scouts five or more years strongly agreeing with this statement.