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  • Cub Scouts in Denver, Colorado
  • Boy Scouts in Denver, Colorado
  • Venturing in Denver, Colorado
  • Exploring in Denver, Colorado
  • STEM Scouts in Denver, Colorado
  • Learning for Life in Denver, Colorado

2018 Online Charter Renewal Instructions

The Denver Area Council is excited to offer Online Charter Renewal to your unit. We think you'll love this method, because you'll be completing the charter renewal information yourself and you can do it from your home or office, anytime that it's convenient for you. It's a secure, easy-to-use application that's been updated for the 2018 Charter Renewal Process.

What's staying the same:

  • Access codes will still be distributed by councils and will be used by units to log in.
  • First Time Users must register to enter the Internet Rechartering system. After initial registration, they will enter the system as a Returning User.
  • Stages and steps remain the same with one new feature: electronic authorization and payment inserted before the final step.
  • Councils will continue to use reports that will show each unit’s renewal status.

What's been added:

  • The new look is consistent with my.Scouting Tools so that it is easier to read and navigate.
  • Youth Protection training is required for all adults.
  • Electronic authorization is available for the chartered organization representative.

Download the 2018 Charter Renewal Guide here. You are also encouraged to attend any of the trainings that your District might be offering. Committee Chairs and Chartered Organization Representatives will be receiving the access codes in December 2017.

REMEMBER: Unit Charter Renewals should be completed by by February 15, 2018

Charter Renewal     Help for Charter Renwal

Before You Begin

  • Appoint a Unit Charter Coordinator (UCC) to manage the process Gather unit-specific Charter Renewal material and review the Charter Renewal Tutorial.
  • Get your Charter Renewal Site access code from your COR or Unit Committee Chair
  • Check member manager to confirm all scouts and adults are registered
  • Confirm all adults have current Youth Protection Training good through May 1, 2018
  • Confirm accurate email addresses for each Unit Key 3 member
  • Arrange for final signature from Unit Leader and Institution Head (IH)

Denver Area Council Specific Details For 2018

While national fees have increased to $33/year, Denver Area Council (DAC) is working to adjust the Charter period to a Jan 1 – Dec 31 cycle. This change will take place in 2019. For 2018, units will charter for a ten-month term. FOR 2018, NATIONAL FEES WILL BE PRO-RATED TO BE $27.50 AND Boy’s Life TO $10.

You will need to make the following changes to your Charter Renewal paperwork:

  • Cross out and change the expiration date to Dec 31, 2018 (instead of February 2019)
  • Cross out and change the charter term to 10 months (instead of 12 months)
  • Recalculate the total due, cross out and change the final Amount Due (using $27.50/person)

The Charter Renewal Process

Register for Access

  • From the Charter Renewal site, select FIRST TIME USER
  • Enter your 2018 access code, select your unit type, and enter your 4-digit unit number
    • Pad unit number with Zero (ie Pack 340 would use 0314)
  • Click CONTINUE
  • Agree to the Confidentiality Statement
  • Enter Unit Charter Coordinator information and set a password (write it down) and click REGISTER

Complete the Five Stages of Renewal

  • Follow the prompts and complete all information requested.
    • The Five Stages include: Load Roster, Update Roster, Check Roster, Summary, Submit Roster
  • You can stop at any time, log off, and begin again.
    • Access as a Returning User, and use your unit access code and password set when you first registered

Submit Roster and Prepare Paperwork for Payment

  • Your Institution Head can sign the charter online electronically. Complete this step before final Submit Roster step.
  • DO NOT USE ONLINE PAYMENT OPTION. Select “Cash” for Payment
    • DAC is charging for a 10-month term, but online system will not adjust for that
  • Click “Submit To Council” to finish the process. Your unit is now queued for Charter Renewal processing!

Make your Payment

  • To prepare payment, please print the “Summary Renewal Report EZ” and Cover Page
    • Complete Denver Area Council specific adjustments to fee, terms, and expiration dates
  • Turn In completed paperwork, payments, and applications to Denver Area Council.

District Support and District Charter Renewal Events/Parties

Times and locations are subject to change

District Commissioner Professional Renewal Event

Arapahoe District

Cindy Hamilton, Phone: 303.775.1939

Rachel Joslyn


Centennial District

Russ Larson, Home #: 303.699.6066

Michael McManus

The Centennial District Commissioner Staff is conducting individual charter renewal reviews with time set aside for each unit. Plese contact Russ Larson for details and to set up the time for your unit.

Frontier District

Tim Brackett, Cell #: 720.201.3589

James Dockter


Gateway District

Jason Pettis, Cell #: 720.515.5793

Elisa Corry


Pioneer Trails District

Gary Sanders, Cell #: 303.514.2227

Garrett Byrd


Timberline District

Steve Yexley
Cell #: 303.506.9210

Cheyann Thunberg


Valley District

Mike Zopes
Cell #: 720.341.6821

Alberto Rodriguez