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Youth and Parent Area

Welcome to our youth and parent area. Your unit has chosen the Trail's End popcorn sale as its major fundraising activity for the year. By selling Trail's End popcorn not only will your unit be able to raise all the money it needs so that you can have a GREAT, FUN year but you can also earn AWESOME prizes just by selling!! Spend some time looking through this site. You will find all kinds of great information and a lot of fun things to do.

How Can I Sell A Lot of Popcorn?

Being successful in the popcorn sale is all about setting realistic goals. We recommend that you set a goal for the number of items you sell. For example, set a goal for yourself to sell, say, 30 items of popcorn. Now break that goal down. Give yourself 6 weeks to sell. That is 5 items per week that you need to sell to reach your goal of 30. Put a chart up in your room and keep track each day of how close you are to reaching your weekly sales goal. 30 items too easy? Set a goal of 50! Sit down with your parents and talk about your goal. Remember, the more popcorn you sell the better the prize you earn and the better your year in Scouting will be!

And talking about prizes, we're giving away 7 prizes a week! The Denver Area Council will hold weekly drawing for boys, please fax/drop-off/mail/scan/email a copy of their popcorn order sheet(s) that are filled up with sales! Boys can enter as many times as they fill up a sheet (one chance per sheet). They are eligible only for the week they submit their form. All forms will then be held until the end of the sale and put in a drawing for the Grand Prize. Check out all the neat prizes here!

Bronco for A Day Experience

Once again, the Denver Area Council and the Denver Broncos are partnering together to provide a Bronco for a Day Experience. Boy's that sell $1000+ in popcorn (includes Door to Door, Show and Sell, and Online Sales) are eligible to come out to the experience. The date is still yet to be set, but to get your name on  the list, please fill out the Popcorn Bronco Sales Card.

2014 Popcorn Bronco For a Day Experience Flyer

Family Area

The Trail's End site has great information for families. Safety information, product information, advancement information, tips on how to sell a lot of popcorn and information on the scholarship program can be found there. Look around, have fun, and sell lots of popcorn!

Prepared. For Life.
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