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A memorial donation to the Denver Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, is a loving way to celebrate the life of a Scoutmaster or other volunteer leader, Eagle Scout, BSA Alumnus, Charter Organization Representative, parent, or Scout supporter. Your gift can also be in recognition of a special occasion including birthdays, rank advancements, anniversaries, job promotions, or to honor the memory of a family member or friend.

Our Memorial Fund recognizes the contributor and routes a dignified notification to the honoree or family. All proceeds support Scouting programs for the more than 55,000 youth served in the Denver Area Council, Boy Scouts of America.

For more information on the Scout Memorial Fund, please contact Anne Herriage at 720.266.2147.

2014 Memorial Gifts

A gift in memory of a loved one will provide a new beginning for a young person in the Scouting program.

In Memory of: Donor(s):
March 2014
Walter F. Imhoff Sue Anschutz-Rodgers
  James G. Nussbaum
  Daniel L. Ritchie
  George and Mary Sissel
  Rebecca Shreck
  Philip M. Sweeney
  Dell and Alyce Van Gilder
  J. Wayne and Joyce Hutchens
Philip G. Poisson Colorado Claims Association
  Tom, Julie, and Maureen Mahoney
  Luella Swisher
April 2014
Milton Brackney Karen and Dallas Jones
Walter F. Imhoff Jay and Kristina Davidson
  Robert and Judi Newman
  Michael and Julie Schinzer
John Thomas Kennedy Bob Heavers
  Dell and Alyce Van Gilder
Raymond Gilmore Maw Jere Weliver
Joseph Paul Rosberg Airflow Sales, LLC
  Schlagel & Associates
  Kaler and Eileen Bole
May 2014
Milton Brackney Ellen and Garrold Atkin
Joseph Paul Rosberg Joyce Fiskin
July 2014
Dale Wayne Utley James and Martine Arcure
  Wayne and Carol Ashmore
  Bankers' Bank of the West
  Richard and Elaine Colombo
  Frederick and Nedra Eastom
  D.A. Evans
  Dale and Diane Fairbanks
  Donald and Connie Fowler
  Paul and Mary Kay Foy
  Thomas and Nadine Gillette
  Gregory Glissmann
  Charles and Eila Kelly
  Janice Moore
  Joyce Priest
  Carol Snyder
  Shari Snyder
  Maureen and Steven Stislicki
  Bill and Lorie Stonner
  Robert Walcott and Laurie Sanderson-Walcott
  Ralph and Mary Kay Wilkerson
  James and Christine Williams
  Patrick and Kathleen Zelek
  Trudy and Ronald Zimmerman
Charles Edward "Chuck" Williams Suzanne M. Alvord
August 2014
Jim Richards Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control
Dale Wayne Utley Katherine Asam
  Jon and Julie Holzinger
  Daniel and Kristina Koerselman
  Joylee Kohler
  Kevin and Kim Krause
  Phyllis Modica
  Steven and Michelle Sterkel
  Jack Tankersley
  Manh Vu and Minh-Hang Vuong
October 2014
Majorie Madden Denver Area Council, BSA
  Taryn and Bill Edwards
  Arlene and Barry Hirschfeld
  Dell and Alyce Van Gilder
John Thomas Kennedy J. Clark and Ann Rheem
November 2014
Lawrence Beach Farnum Susan and Don Rippe
John Thomas Kennedy J. Clark and Ann Rheem
Marjorie Madden William and Margaret Eck
December 2014
Gary L. Anderson Bonita Campbell
Richard L. Williams Brad Williams
Prepared. For Life.
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