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    Denver Area Council Wood Badge StaffStaffing Wood Badge


    Staffers on a Wood Badge course are among the finest Scouters we have. They understand the program. They set a good example. They are among our best trainers. They are cheerful and they help each other. They must be models of Scouting character and leadership. They must be good presenters.

    To be eligible, you must previously attended Wood Badge and earned your beads.

    You do not need to have been in Scouting any particular number of years. You do not need to have held any particular job in Scouting. Course Directors seek staff from the different programs (Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity, and Venturing, as well as district and council Scouters). Course Directors are looking for Scouters that are effective trainers and presenters as well as team players.

    Each staff member is selected by the course director. Each staffer must be approved by our council and by the Area Director of Boy Scouts of America.

    How To Be Invited

    Course directors select their staff from a list of people that have expressed an interest in staffing a Wood Badge course.  We require you to fill out our Wood Badge Staff application and email the completed application to our council Wood Badge Coordinator. Your application will be kept on file for 3 years and your name will be put on our available staff listing. This list is shared with all course directors for their selection process.

    What To Expect If You Staff

    Staffing Wood Badge is a major commitment. It takes a lot of time and heart. Every single staffer is expected to do all these things, enthusiastically and at his or her best.

    Participate enthusiastically in all the staff development sessions. These will be set by the course director and they can share those with you upon your selection.

    Prepare your presentations. Wood Badge is the height of training for Scouters, and every session must be the best possible. There is a syllabus so you don't have to invent the presentation, and indeed you must follow the syllabus, but you still need to prepare diligently and practice.

    Recruit participants. The more participants attend a course, the more value the Council and the community get from the course. We would like every course to be full. Staff are among the most important recruiters. Each staff member should recruit two or more participants.

    Costs. There is a staff fee. That covers food, camp insurance, and other things. If this cost would be a problem, talk to the course director about it before you agree to be on staff. Also, staff need to be in full official BSA field uniform, and most staff members find they need more than one uniform on course. Most staffers do incur some other expenses in the preparation or on course.

    In general, every staff member is expected to arrive promptly for everything, be prepared, be cheerful, wear uniforms correctly, and have the time of your life experiencing the staffing side of Wood Badge.

    Thank you,
    Royd Despain
    Denver Area Council Wood Badge