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    Wood Badge Wisdom

    Here what some of the staff says why you should take Wood Badge:

    Joe Black - SPL

    Its adult Big Horn! It causes one to look at a youth led troop through your own eyes of pretending to be a 12 year old. It forces you to not take yourself so serious in a world that is often too much so. It is learning by having fun and friendships forged that can last a life time. It is much more than “just a boy scout thing” and we are remiss if do not strongly encourage our brethren from cubs, Varsity and Venturing to be a part of “we who have lived in the woods.”

    Bruce Kimmick - Troop Guide

    Want to Cause a Kid to Succeed?  Want to know how? Then...Wood Badge is for selected adult Scout volunteers who want to know what it takes to mentor, coach and encourage success in our Scouting youth at all levels. Moreover, you'll get a glimpse into your own future success and how to get there.

    All Beads All The Time!!!

    YIS, Bruce

    Greg Holt - Troop Guide

    Wood Badge provides training for adults on two fundamental principles of Scouting, one new and another old. Lord Baden Powell believed that the premier learning method for Boy Scouts was through the patrol method and secondly the way to learn about the patrol method was through EDGE model. Most Adult leaders did not experience the patrol method while scouts themselves. Scouters through  their previous training had the philosophy of the patrol method Explained to them and  later Demonstrated  to them. Wood Badge completes that training by Guiding and finally Enabling them to learn the patrol method first hand and gives them the confidence to take what they learned back to their own Units.

    Scott Johnson – 3yr Troop Guide

    For me what Wood Badge is a time to have a very Deep reflection of who I am and how I can be a better person and therefor a better scouter.  The lessons that WB teaches are not Knots or survival skills but people skills-Team work, conflict management, commutations, listening skills, project planning and so forth.  Yes it is wrapped into the scouting blanket.

    I think that the skills we teach are really life skill that can be used everywhere and anytime including scouting.  I know that I am a better father, husband, co-worker, friend and scouter because what I learned and still learning in Wood badge.

    Mark Field

    The Wood Badge experience includes leadership and small group development training which Fortune 500 companies pay thousands of dollars for their top executives to attend. The skills you learn cross over beyond Scouting to the workplace and all aspects of your life. This is the chance of a lifetime. Don't miss it!


    1. Because it is fun to attend Wood Badge.  You will meet other people with good useful information and fun and camaraderie.
    2. Improve Your Program
    3. Personal Growth
    4. Make connections with other Scout Leaders
    5. It will Re-energize you and your belief in Scouting
    6. You will make great, life-long friends
    7. It’s your chance to be a kid again
    8. To become a better leader
    9. To learn more about the Scouting program
    10. It will benefit your life in ways beyond Scouting
    11. Learning Scouting principles having the most fun you can have.
    12. It gives you an understanding of the whole picture of Scouting and where you fit in your current position in the whole scheme of things
    13. Wood Badge is a life changing experience.