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Earn Your "It's More Fun With Friends" Badge.

When you sign your son up for Cub Scouting, you're signing him up for much more than an after-school activity. Whether it's camping for the first time or catching his first fish, your son will take part in activities that are fun, but also build character and start him on a path to success. While there are lots of cool badges to earn, the experiences had along the way are the true rewards.

Have Fun, Make Friends, See New Things.

Cub Scouts have the time of their lives making new friends and learning new things in an environment designed to help them succeed. From building his own Pinewood Derby® car to learning how to roast the perfect marshmallow with his best friends at a family campout, your child will LOVE being a Cub Scout. So if he's in the first through fifth grades, or 7 to 10 years old, then it's time for him to have some fun … with the Cub Scouts.

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Adult Application: English and Spanish

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The Cub Scout Promise

I ________ promise to do my best
To do my duty to God and my country,
To help other people, and
To obey the Law of the Pack.

This promise helps Cub Scouts develop a sense of spiritual awareness, loyalty, unselfishness, self-discipline, and service to others.

I ________ promise: A promise is a commitment. To make a promise and then fail to keep it is to break one's word.

To do my best: One person's best is not the same as someone else's best. A Cub Scout should try to better his own record, rather than merely trying to do better than someone else.

To do my duty to God: This phrase means to remember to thank God for good friends, good health, our well-being, our family, and all others who love and help us. Going to worship services is another way of doing our duty to God. We should respect other people's religious beliefs even if they are different from our own.

And my country: Duty to country starts with being a good citizen. This means caring about the people in our communities and helping those in need. Good citizenship also means obeying the law and using our country's resources carefully. We show love for our country by respecting and saluting the U.S. flag and standing at attention when our national anthem is played.

To help other people: For Cub Scouts, helping other people may mean helping at home by taking out the garbage or making their bed without grumbling. A Cub Scout can also help others by befriending a new student in school, making holiday cards for older people, raking leaves or clearing snow for a neighbor, providing games for children living in shelters, or collecting food for people who don't have enough to eat. Helping others is not always easy to do. We must think about other people instead of ourselves—even when it might be inconvenient.

And to obey the Law of the Pack: A Cub Scout should follow the laws of the land, the rules in his school, the rules in his home, and the rules in his den and pack.

Prepared. For Life.
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