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Life to EagleThe Court of Honor

The Purposes of the Eagle Court of Honor

"...The primary purpose of the Eagle court of honor is to honor the new Eagle Scout. He should be the center of attention, and the spotlight should never stray far from him.

But the ceremony should fulfill other purposes as well. Besides presenting the Scout with a badge, it should also present him with a challenge: to use his skills and experience to be a leader in his troop and in his community. This challenge, or charge, helps him answer the question "Now What?" much as a commencement speech does for high school graduates.

While the new Eagle is the focus of attention, a few other people, specifically his parents and Boy Scout leaders, should briefly share the spotlight. The honoree may be the one who climbed the trail to Eagle, but his Scout leaders and parents pushed him at least part of the way."

The Eagle Court of Honor Book, The Complete Guide to Scouting's Greatest Moments.
Mark Ray

This book is available at all Scout Shops or can be purchased online through www.scoutstuff.org.

Eagle Courts of Honor are usually held separately from troop Courts of Honor, since the focus of the Eagle Court of honor is on the Eagle Scout. The senior troop leadership, troop adult leadership, and/or the parents of the Eagle Scout may organize the ceremony.

But you can give them ideas to make the ceremony special!

  • Invite public officials to attend or speak.
  • Invite newspaper coverage, or provide information to the paper.
  • Obtain all kinds of decorations at the Denver Scout Shop.
  • Obtain sample Eagle Court of Honor scripts.
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