Denver area council staff directory

The DAC is open in a modified format until further notice and will adhere to local and state guidelines and health and safety procedures. Volunteers or guests who need to enter the building to conduct business should request an appointment online . Appointments should be made at least one day in advance. All appointments will be confirmed the day before they are to take place. You may also call the office at 303.455.5522 to request an appointment. This process will adhere to social distancing policies, including wearing a mask.

Office Closures:
The Denver Area Council is closed for the occasional snow day and the following holidays. Please call 303.455.5522 to confirm any closures if you are unsure. 

Holiday Closures: 
New Year’s Day; Martin Luther King, Jr., Day; President’s Day; Good Friday; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving; Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

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NameDirect #Position
Alberto Rodriguez720.266.2237Frontier District Director
Bill McGuire720.266.2108Chief Financial Officer
Vacant720.266.2106Camping Director
Charlie Botnick720.266.2148Administrative Assistant to Field Service
Chuck Brasfeild 720.266.2120Scout Executive/CEO
Connor Cushing 720.266.2155Valley District Executive
Conrad Spiczka303.648.0168Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch Ranger
David DeCecco720.266.2132Development Director
Dave Whitner720.266.2101Director of Support Services
Elisa Thurston 720.266.2135Alpine District Director
Erik Petersen720.266.2182Director of Field Service
Gail Atkinson970.549.6794Majestic Mesas District Executive
Garrett Byrd720.266.2215Black Feather District Senior Executive
Greg Fedeczko970.306.7588Three Rivers District Executive
Jessica Blazek720.266.2102Unit Services Coordinator
JoLynne Conrad720.266.2143Program Team Administrative Specialist
Jordan Fulton720.266.2121Administrative Assistant to the Scout Executive/CEO
Julianna Herrera720.266.2165Administrative Assistant to the DFS
Kathy Borgais720.266.2218Director of Marketing & Communications
Kyle Tons720.266.2144LFL/STEM Executive
Lenny Yurgin720.266.2116Colorado Adventure Point Director
Lindsay Gerlach720.266.2146Director of Annual Giving
Lisa Unger720.266.2109Office Assistant
Lynette Johnson720.266.2104Membership Clerk
Marc Lyman303.440.4040Camp Tahosa Ranger
MaryAnn Romero720.266.2111Camping Registrar
Megan Gardner720.266.2130Alpine District Executive
Michael Fifhause720.266.2127Deputy Scout Executive
Michael Vangelov720.266.2151Senior Development Director
Mike Dineen720.266.2131Valley District Senior Executive
Norberto Estrada720.266.2174LeAP Paraprofessional
Patrick Tidwell720.266.2167Colorado Adventure Point Program Director
Priscilla Sandos720.266.2100Receptionist
Vacant720.266.2122Centennial District Director
Scott Field303.648.8889Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch Superintendent
Shawn Connelly720.266.2158Information Technology Director
Stephany Mesa-Guerra720.266.2125District Director of Leadership Assistance Program (LeAP)
Steve Powell720.266.2112Print Shop Manager
Susan Scheideman720.266.2157Accounting Assistant
Tessa Ward720.266.2233Academic Development Director
Tiffany Viduya720.266.2124Marketing Specialist
Valerie Villanueba720.266.2107Office Manager
Wendy Winters720.266.2129Accounting Specialist
Will Corcoran720.266.2178Alpine District Executive
Willie Rochester720.266.2123Centennial District Executive
Brandon Willinger720.266.2163Black Feather District Executive
Tobin Truslow 720.266.2137Field Director