Boy Scouts of America, Denver Area Council

Camps for Youth: Ages 15+ / Grades 9+

The DAC offers a variety of camps for youth ages 14 and up, or in grades 9 and up. There are options available for young adults, whether involved in Scouting or not.

Camps for Scouts

Cris Dobbins



For those troops or crews looking for a more adventurous summer camp experience, participants will hike 30 to 50 miles over the course of a week in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Each adventure at Alpine Adventure Camp will be accompanied by a trained guide, who will educate Scouts about mountaineering skills and practices


Tahosa Trek is an introduction to backpacking for both Scouts and Scouters. As part of this program, participants will spend two-days at camp preparing the fundamentals of trekking and two and one half-days putting what they have learned into practice.


No Scout should miss out on the fun and excitement of summer camp because they aren’t able to participate with their own troop. Tahosa Mountaineer is a unique program that groups Scouts from different troops into a single patrol, offering them a similar experience as Scouts who attend summer camp with their traditional troop.


National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is an exciting, action-packed program designed to provide youth members with the opportunity to learn leadership skills and gain the experience they can use in their home units and in other situations that would benefit from a leadership role.


Angel Fire Camp is a camp designed for girls, ages 11-17, located at the beautiful Tahosa High Adventure Base. It provides the opportunity for girls to try new things indoors and outdoors, make new friends, and develop new talents all in a supervised environment.

Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience

Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience (C.O.P.E.) is a program aimed at strengthening Scouts leadership skills and is designed to promote teamwork and foster leadership abilities. Participants will spend the weekend in teams; swinging, jumping, climbing, lifting, balancing, rappelling, and belaying through activities of increasing difficulty


OKPIK is a two-day and two-night adventure develops confidence and skills in camping and living in the outdoors during extreme weather conditions. Participants receive training in physical preparation, cold weather dress, first-aid and emergency procedures, food and water, and equipment use, while also participating in cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and winter shelter building.

Camps for All


Colorado Adventure Point is where STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Adventure Day Camp takes place. STEM camp offers five days of dynamic adventure with hands-on experiments. Each day campers work together to solve challenging experiments designed to teach critical thinking and the scientific method. In addition, campers can experience thrilling Adventure Zones as they learn about science in rock climbing, archery, marksmanship, and much more!


Makers Camp is for young creative minds always looking to start a new project. Makers Camp is a summer day camp offered at CAP as well. The goal for this program is for participants to not only walk away with awesome projects, but also to inspire creativity, confidence, and support youth who dream about creative careers. Each day will start out with learning about art concepts, such as color theory, and the logistics of working in the field. After introducing how to safely operate the tools, the rest of the day will be an open workshop with the assistance of our qualified instructors. At Colorado Adventure Point