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The Denver Area Council – Frontier District serves Denver Public Schools.

Frontier District Roundtable

The Frontier District Roundtable meets on the first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at Bethany Lutheran Church4500 E. Hampden. The district Roundtable is open to all unit leaders and adults looking for resources to bring back to their unit.

Frontier District Committee Meetings

The Frontier District Committee meets on the second Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at Bethany Lutheran Church4500 E. Hampden. The district committee is comprised of community resources to support units. Leaders from the district ensure that Frontier provides key resources and important programs for Scouts and leaders.

Chartering Organization Representatives are automatically members of the District Committee and are encouraged to attend monthly committee meetings. All other members of the committee are elected yearly.

For any assistance, please contact the volunteer that supports that service listed below.

Frontier District Staff

  • District Chairman – Brian Brown The district chair is responsible for the successful operation of all the committees of the district. He provides leadership to the committee chairs and ensures full, functioning committees. 
  • Program Vice Chair – J.D. Leonard 
  • Membership Vice Chair – Arianne Doodley
  • Webelos to Scout Chair – Charles Kubin 
  • Camping & Outdoors Chair – Gary Hoffmann In addition to promoting camping programs, the camping committee also tracks trends in summer camp attendance and provides input into the operation of the summer camping facilities.
  • Order of the Arrow Advisor – Greg Holt 
  • Advancement & Recognition Chair – Greg Holt The district advancement program provides youth and adults the knowledge and skills necessary to have a great unit advancement program. We counsel and train leadership on record keeping, merit badge counseling techniques, and the requirements for becoming an Eagle Scout. 
  • Activities & Civic Services Chair – J.D. Leonard Phone: 303.960.5723. The district helps units to coordinate events and activities. In addition to having district-sponsored events, units are encouraged to sponsor their own events and invite units from around the district to participate. 
  • District Day Camp Director – Paul Leadholm
  • Scout Show Chair – Gary Hoffmann
  • Health & Safety Chair – Vacant. Every Scout leader strives to provide fun-filled programs. The safety of those programs is imperative. District health and safety resource were created to help ensure that activities are conducted in accordance with BSA guidelines. The district offers training and counseling in such topics as, The Guide to Safe Scouting, Safety Afloat, Climb on Safely, Bicycle Safety, and Swim Defense. 
  • Finance Chair – Vacant
  • Family Investment in Character – Sherrie Boyle
  • Popcorn Chair – Darren Hobbs 
  • Eagle Scout Team – Greg Holt

Frontier District Training Staff

Training courses are developed to provide all levels of knowledge for unit operations. This ranges from the youth member who has been elected as a patrol leader for the first time, to the Scoutmaster with 20 years of experience. Training is essential! Learning best practices makes better leaders! 

Frontier District Commissioner Staff

  • District Commissioner – CJ Mays,  Phone: 303.748.1023
  • ADC for Roundtable – Chris Lux,  Phone: 303.883.2045
  • Scouts BSA Roundtable – Christine Lux,  Phone: 303.717.1631
  • Asst. Scouts BSA Roundtable – Raymond Price,  Phone: 570.807.9046
  • Cub Scout Roundtable – Arianne Dooley,  Phone: 720.560.3942
  • ADC for Administration – Eric Ericson,  Phone: 303.955.4993

Frontier District Commissioner Staff Meetings

Commissioner meetings are the second Thursday of every month at 7 p.m., at Bethany Lutheran Church, 4500 E. Hampden Avenue, Cherry Hills Village, CO  80113

The Mission of the Frontier District Commissioner Staff is to facilitate discussion and provide resources to units. This group of experts operate as unit development consultants. They are charged with contacting unit leadership on a monthly basis just to see how things are going. Unit leaders should get to know their commissioner and seek their advice.

Commissioners Wanted

  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to help at a Scouting event where your own youth were not directly involved?
  • Do you believe in the magical spirit of Scouting?
  • Is Scouting a way of life, not just an extra-curricular activity?
  • Do you find that the busier you are, the more you really get done?
  • Are you ready to share your Scouting experiences with others?

If you answered yes to any one of the above questions, you might have the Commissioner qualities that are desired. To find out more about Commissioner Service in the Frontier District, please contact CJ Mays

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Any questions or comments about the Frontier District may be directed to Alberto Rodriguez