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Boy Scouts of America, Denver Area Council

Majestic Mesas District

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Majestic Mesas District

The Denver Area Council – Majestic Mesas District serves the following school districts: Delta County School District, Dolores County School District, Gunnison Watershed School District, Hinsdale County School District, Mesa County Valley School District, Montrose County School District, Norwood Public Schools, Ouray School District, Ridgway School District, Telluride School District, and the West End School District.

Majestic Mesas District Committee meetings

The Majestic Mesas District Committee meets the second Thursday each month at 6:30pm via Zoom. Contact Gail Atkinson for the log-in information. 

Majestic Mesas Roundtable meetings

Roundtable meetings are the first Thursday of the month viz Zoom. Contact Sherry Verdieck for the log-in information.

Majestic Mesas District Staff

  • District Committee Chair – Tom Foote
  • District Commissioner – Sherry Verdieck
  • District Finance Chair – TBD
  • District Membership Chair – Heather Langford
  • District Program Chair – Clay Campbell 
  • Nominating Committee Chair – Monte Atkinson  970-433-6640
  • District Advancement & Recognition Chair – Margaret Cranor
  • Assistant District Advancement Chair – TBD

Majestic Mesas Commissioner Staff

  • District CommissionerSherri Verdieck Phone: 970.270.0119
  • Assistant District Commissioner (Montrose/Gunnison)TBD

Majestic Mesas District Commissioner Staff Meetings


Majestic Mesas District Professional Staff

Questions or Comments

Any questions or comments about Majestic Mesas District may be directed to Gail Atkinson