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Valley District

The Denver Area Council – Valley District serves the following school districts: Brighton, Adams 12 and Adams 14, Mapleton, Westminster 50, and the Boulder Valley School Districts.

District Highlights

  • Save the date for the 2020 Valley District Camporee. September 18-20. More information to follow!

Valley Life to Eagle Program – Important Updates on Life to Eagle, Scoutmaster Conference ans Eagle Boards of Review


Q: Will youth who are not yet Life Scouts be allowed to apply for an extension to earn the Eagle Scout rank?

Extensions are considered only for Scouts who are Life rank. If, once a Scout achieves Life rank, it turns out that COVID-19 disruptions along the way have left them with insufficient time to complete Eagle requirements, then this may be cited when the time comes to submit an extension request.

Q: May local councils grant extensions?

Normally, that is not allowed. However, due to the current situation—effective immediately and through September 30, 2020—council Scout executives may grant extensions, or delegate authority to the Council Advancement Committee to grant extensions under the following limitations:

  1. It can be established that COVID-19 disruptions were the only circumstances that delayed work on Eagle Scout/Summit/Quartermaster advancement requirements, such as the service project or merit badges. If any other causes were involved, the extension request must go to the National Council following the process outlined in the GTA.
  2. Extensions shall only be granted to youth in Scouts BSA who have already achieved Life rank.
  3. When the council receives a COVID-19-related request for a time extension, the council reviews the request and approves it if appropriate. A written response stating the outcome of the extension request must go to the youth. If approved, the notification must be attached to the youth’s Eagle/Summit/Quartermaster rank application. For Eagle, the extension must not exceed three months from the youth’s 18th birthday; for Summit/Quartermaster, the extension must not exceed three months from the youth’s 21st
  4. Upon turning 18, the Scout must submit a completed adult application and successfully complete YPT; their participant code will now be UP for SBSA or VP for Venturing and Sea Scouting.
  5. Extension requests for more than three months beyond the youth’s 18th/21st birthday must be sent to the National Service Center following the process outlined in the GTA.

Note: A “month” in BSA advancement is defined as a day from one month to the next. For example, March 5 to April 5.

The authority for councils to grant extensions is temporary, lasting only through Sept. 30, 2020.

Q: If youth have already received an extension, can they request additional time due to COVID-19?

Yes. Council Scout executives may grant extensions, or delegate authority to the Council Advancement Committee to grant extensions under the limitations listed above.

Q: What should be done while an extension request is being considered?

Youth should continue to work on advancement in so far as they are able—e.g., independently, or over the phone or video conference—and at Scouting activities once they resume.

Q: Are extensions required when an Eagle/Summit/Quartermaster board of review must be delayed?

No. Councils may grant Eagle/Summit/Quartermaster boards of review up to six months after the youth’s 18th/21st birthday. See GTA Topic, “Eagle Scout Board of Review Beyond the 18th Birthday.”

See also, GTA Topic, “Boards of Review Through Videoconferencing.”

Q: Are electronic or digital signatures acceptable for rank advancement or for the Eagle/Summit/Quartermaster packets/applications?

Yes. Electronic or digital signatures will be accepted through September 30, 2020.

Application Procedures
The Eagle Project Workbook, Eagle Application, Signed Fundraising Application and Life Ambition Statement should be combined into one PDF document. The Scout or Unit Leader should use first and last name and troop number as the name of the document (joescout123 or Joe Scout 123) so it is easily identifiable. The document should be sent to Jessica Blazek at the council office Jessica Blazek. The Eagle Project Workbook may not combine easily into one document. It will go into PDF Portfolio. The second option is to send a file with all the items but save the signature pages from the workbook (proposal, completion and fundraising) as single pages. Combine the three signature pages, Life Ambition Statement and the Eagle Application into one document and send that so it will be less time consuming for Jessica to verify the Eagle Application. Jessica will need the Eagle Project Workbook too, but if she has the verification pages in one location it will save her time. If any Scout needs help with this, Deanna Austin-Horvat is  happy to combine files to streamline the process.
All outstanding Merit Badges must be uploaded electronically either through ScoutBook or Internet Advancement prior to submitting the paperwork. Scout advancement reports can be printed at the unit level through ScoutBook or Internet Advancement in order to complete the Eagle Application. If the unit needs help with this, please have them contact Deanna Austin-Horvat, their unit commissioners or District Commissioner Mike Gill.
Once the Scout/Unit has received verification of the Eagle Paperwork a virtual BoR can be scheduled. NO FACE TO FACE BoR should take place at this time.
This process starts when a Star Scout achieves the rank of Life Scout. The Life Scout ask the Scoutmaster to assign a Troop Project Coach (if available in the troop). Then, access the Eagle Advisor request form here. Fill out the form. Under “Special Request”, you can add the name of a District Eagle Advisor who has agreed to support you (if you already have one  in mind). Click “Complete Survey” to send. The District Life to Eagle Coordinator will confirm you request and will send all of the forms and assign an Eagle Advisor to get you started on earning your Eagle rank. Questions? Please Contact Jerry Baker, District Life to Eagle Chair. 
Valley District Roundtable 
What is Roundtable? Roundtable is a monthly training opportunity for all Scouting Leaders. Timely event information and ideas to bring to your units is presented in an informative and inclusive way.

Valley’s Roundtable is the first Tuesday of every month (except July), at 7:30 p.m. at Northglenn Christian Church, 1800 E 105th Pl, Northglenn, CO

To include information with Roundtable Announcements, contact Jerry Benson-Montgomery

Valley District Committee Meetings

The Valley District Committee meets the third Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m., at Northglenn Christian Church, at 1800 E. 105th Place, Northglenn, 80233.

The Valley District Committee is comprised of community resources to support units. Leaders from the district ensure that Valley provides key resources and important programs to Scouts and leaders. The following committees meet during the coordinated committee meeting: membership, finance, and program. The program committee is comprised of the following committees that also meet during the committee meeting: activities, advancement, camping & outdoor promotion, and training.

Valley District Commissioner Staff Meetings

The Valley District Commissioner staff meeting takes the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at Northglenn Christian Church, at 1800 E. 105th Place, Northglenn, 80233

Valley Commissioner Staff

Valley District Staff

The Valley District Committee needs volunteers!

For anyone who has enjoyed Scouting and would like to make sure youth have the same great experiences, we need you! The Valley District is looking for volunteers to help with a variety of district committee functions, as well as help with commissioners, activities, training, membership, and finance. If you are looking for a place to enhance you or your child’s Scouting experience please contact Preston Gibson or Heidi Williams

Questions or Comments

Any questions or comments about the Valley District may be directed to  Mike Dineen