Boy Scouts of America, Denver Area Council

Camp Cards

The 2020 Camp Card Sale is Ending

Out of concern and safety for our Scouts, the Denver Area Council (DAC) is ending the Camp Card sale as of April 1, 2020.

  • Units will retain 100% of the revenue of the cards sold, i.e. $5 each (this includes keeping the Council commission) There will be no money due for any display boards.
  • The DAC wants to support our Scouts and Scouters during this difficult time and no cards are required to be returned to the Council office.
  • Prize Forms are due April 17.

2020 Camp Card Timeline

  • February 11 – Camp Card Kickoff West – CAP (Earn $.50 Bonus Commission!)
  • February 18 – Camp Card Kickoff East – CAP (Earn $.50 Bonus Commission!)
  • February 20 – Camp Card Sale Begins
  • April 1 – Camp Card Sale Ends
  • April 17 – Prize Forms due to the DAC

Register for Camp after the Sale

Please make sure you have turned in your Prize Form before contacting one of the following individuals for customized assistance:

  • For Day Camp & STEM Camp registration, contact JoLynne Conrad at 720.266.2143
  • For any other Denver Area Council camp, contact Mary Ann Romero at 720.266.2111  

District Camp Card Staff Advisors:

2020 Youth Prizes

Camp Card Display Boards

Display boards are a great way for your potential customers to see the coupons and fine print on the Camp Card. 

Display boards: Dimensions: 36″ x 24″ with a 3/16″ foam core. 

2020 Camp Card Display Board

How Camp Card Sales Work

  • The Camp Card is, in essence, a way for Scouts to fund their way to camp programs.
  • Each Camp Card sells for only $5.00 to the general public and has multiple food, entertainment, and service coupons that the customer can use until the end of the year.
  • When a unit sells Camp Cards, that unit can use the commission earned to send Scouts to camp or save the commission to support the unit’s needs.