Boy Scouts of America, Denver Area Council

Vale La Pena Awards Reception

¡Scouting…Vale La Pena! Service Award is a national award presented by the Boy Scouts of America. The award is presented to a business or individual honoree that has made a significant contribution to the Hispanic Community, acted as an advocate for Hispanic/Latino youth, and encouraged outreach to improve their conditions. 

The reception showcases Scouting by featuring several Scouting activities that highlight some of the leadership skills Scouts learn. All activities are run by Scouts from the community. Attendees will enjoy great food, drinks, activities, networking, and a silent auction, while supporting Hispanic youth in Scouting. 

Proceeds raised go to help support multicultural Scouting initiatives in the DAC.

Where: Mile High Station

When: October 13, 2020

For sponsorship information or to nominate someone for this award please contact: 

Michael Vangelov, Sr. Development Director, Denver Area Council.

Phone: 720.266.2151