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Charter Renewal Instructions

2021 Membership Fee Information

Denver Area Council Charter Renewal for 2021

Thank you for supporting the Boy Scouts of America and supporting Denver area youth. Charter Renewal is an annual process to re-establish and re-affirm relationships with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Remember: All Units in Denver Area Council expire December 31, 2020. 

Units should plan to complete charter renewal via the National Internet Charter Renewal System by December 20, 2020. On-time charter renewal of your unit is important. Instructions provided below will assist in the charter renewal process. Again, this year the entire process can be completed online, including payment of national fees and Boy’s Life subscriptions, if desired. 

Access codes for the online charter renewal system will be sent to the Unit Key 3 leadership team in October. More information will be added to this page in Fall 2020.

Preparing for Charter Renewal

  • Appoint a Unit Charter Coordinator (UCC) to manage the process 
  • Get your Charter Renewal Site access code from your COR or Unit Committee Chair 
  • Check Member Manager in http://my.scouting.org to confirm all scouts and adults are registered 
  • Confirm all adults have completed the new Youth Protection Training (YPTv2) course 
  • Confirm accurate email addresses for each Unit Key 3 member 
  • Review the updated Internet Recharter Instructions PDF document 
  • Arrange for final signature from Unit Leader and Institution Head (IH) 
  • Plan complete turn-in before December 20, 2020 to avoid lapse in membership 

Journey To Excellence

Scouting’s Journey to Excellence (JTE) is the BSA’s planning, performance, and recognition program designed to encourage and reward the success of units, districts and councils. It is meant to encourage excellence in providing a quality program at all levels of the BSA. Denver Area Council (DAC) requests all units participate in and submit a yearly JTE status form.

Now that the DAC is moving to a calendar year unit charter cycle, we ask that everyone submit a JTE form alongside with charter renewal forms. Units can find JTE tracking workbooks online.

Units that score Silver or Gold on JTE and complete charter renewal on time will receive free Badges of Rank from the DAC Scout Shop!

Youth Protection Policy

Youth Protection Training (YPT2) is required for each adult on the unit charter, and all adults registered in Scouting in the DAC must maintain current Youth Protection Training certification based on the revised course released March 2018. Youth Protection Training is valid for a period of two years. All adults must have record of current YPT2 certification. In addition, every new adult application must include a Youth Protection Training certificate. Please make sure all adults have valid YPT2 certification. 

You will not be able to complete your charter renewal if any registered adult has expired YPT2 certification. Training can be completed online through my.scouting.org.

Authorization For Background Check

The BSA is committed first and foremost to keeping youth safe. Part of that commitment includes continually updating youth protection policies to help ensure we are always at the forefront of youth safety. For 2020, all registered adults must provide a signed “Additional Disclosures & Background Check Authorization” form to have on file at DAC. Please provide a copy of the authorization for every adult leader when you submit your charter renewal paperwork 

We are truly grateful for your continued commitment to keeping youth safe and for helping them learn, grow, and thrive through Scouting programs.