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    Support Scouting through your purchase of popcorn

    Unit and Adult Leader Area

    Welcome to our unit and adult leader area. Thank you for choosing the Trail's End popcorn sale as your major fundraising activity for the year. By selling Trail's End popcorn not only will your unit be able to raise all the money it needs for your Ideal Year of Scouting, but your Scouts can also earn awesome prizes just by selling! Over 73% of the popcorn sale goes to support Scouting here in the Denver Community. More than any other fundraiser out there, the popcorn sale is what you can participate in to keep the cost of Scouting at a minimum. In 2018, $2.3 million of popcorn was sold in the Denver Area because of your support.

    Sign your Unit up for the 2019 Popcorn Sale here.

    Spend some time looking through this site. You will find all kinds of great information. Contact us if you need more information.

    Key Dates for 2019:

    July 31 Popcorn Orientation West: 6:30 pm at Colorado Adventure Point
    August 12 Popcorn Orientation Western Slope: 6:30pm at Grand Junction TBD
    August 13 Popcorn Orientation East: 6:30 pm at Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City
    August 26 Deadline for Units to place first order (Show and Sell)
    Sept 6 & 7 Popcorn Distribution at District Sites
    October 7 Units can start entering their second order (Door to Door)
    October 17 & 18 Popcorn returns 
    October 21 Deadline for Units to place second order (Door to Door)
    November 1 & 2 Council Popcorn Distribution
    November 27 All money needs to be into the Denver Area Council (Paid in Full)      

    2019 Popcorn Commission Breakdown

    Units can earn up to 38% commission for the traditional popcorn sale. Bonus commission is given in December as long as units have settled their popcorn account by December 2nd.

    • 30% Base Commission
    • 4% Bonus Commission: 20/20 Club (Complete any 1 of the 3 below)
      • Unit Sells over $20,000 of Popcorn in 2019
      • 20% increase in total popcorn sales from 2018 amount
      • Unit new to the popcorn sale (did not participate in the 2017 popcorn sale
    • 2% Bonus Commission for attending a popcorn kick-off on July 31st or August 13th
    • 2% Bonus Commission for having less than 5% returned popcorn on total show and sell order

    35% Flat Commission given for all ONLINE popcorn sales

    *Any unit whose account is not settled in full by 12-2-19 will receive a maximum 30% base commission.

    Trail's End Popcorn Information

    After you have signed up your unit for the popcorn sale. You will receive log-in information for the Trails End Website. The online popcorn system on Trails End allows your unit to order its popcorn and prizes. You also have the opportunity to set up this system for each of your Scouts so that they can order their popcorn and prizes online and submit them to you for approval. Please review your profile on Trails End before when you get your log-in information to make sure your contact information is entered correctly. If you email is not entered here correctly, you will not receive the weekly popcorn reminder emails. If you are the unit's popcorn Kernel and have not received your log-in information or if your information is incorrect and you need help changing, please contact Dave DeCecco at 720.266.2132.

    Weekly email updates will be sent to anyone listed on the Trail's End popcorn database. Emails will start around the middle of July and will come out Friday every week during the popcorn sale. If you are not getting these emails, call Dave DeCecco at 720.266.2132 to update your contact information so that you will be sure to get the most recent updates.

    Unit Resources

    2019 Popcorn Resources

    Sales Helps


    • Trail's End Scholarship Program - Scouts who sell at least $2,500 in popcorn can receive 6% of their total sales toward a college scholarship.
    • Trail's End Prizes and Incentives:

    Popcorn Helps