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    Denver Area Council Scouting Heritage Museum

    Welcome to the Scouting Heritage Museum 

    Thanks to the efforts of many Tahosa Alumni Association (TAA) members, donors Bob and Aileen Munger, Robert Harris, the Denver Area Council BSA, and many, many other people, we welcome visitors to the Scouting Heritage Museum. Beginning in October of 2013 many members of the TAA have invested their time, efforts, and creative juices on what is shaping up to be a grand display of Scouting history in the Denver and surrounding mountain areas that began in 1910. The artifacts displayed tell many stories of Scouts from the Denver area and their camping, hiking and travel experiences over the years. Displays of many kinds of official, and unofficial, Scout memorabilia and relics, plus numerous homemade articles and Scout folk art pieces, add color and personal interest to the days gone by. Currently, the museum is open only on Tuesdays from 10am to 2pm. 

    The presentation of items in the Scouting Heritage Museum is offered through the creative efforts of the TAA History/Museum Committee: John Meeker, Stan Paprocki, Dorothea Lindsey, Nancy Nibbling, Dana Seymour, and Frank Lindsey. 

    Robert and Aileen Munger began collecting Scouting memorabilia with a blazing passion in 1960. They frequented many of the Denver metropolitan area’s antique stores and bargain shops, acquiring a vast array of every thing with a Scout emblem. After many decades of actively collecting Scouting goods, the Munger’s felt is was time to find a way to better share their finds with the greater Denver Scouting community. The Tahosa Alumni Association (TAA), a group dedicated to the support of Scouting efforts, programs and maintenance of the Denver Area Council’s (DAC) High Adventure Base at Camp Tahosa since 1981. The Tahosa Alumni Association made a connection in 2013 with the Munger’s and the Denver Area Council. The resulting collaboration resulted in the Scouting Heritage Museum at the DAC. The Munger’s, all contributors, and the TAA thank the Denver Area Council for providing such a grand shelter to house this wonderful collection. Many additional contributors, headed up by Robert W. Harris, have stepped in to provide additional Scouting related items of great interest to the community at large. The TAA is now the custodian of the collection and is responsible for displaying the many items that it now possess and is displaying them for your pleasure and enjoyment.

    Volunteers Needed

    The Tahosa Alumni Association is searching for people with a Scouting connection, present or past, to become guides, or docents, for a coming expansion of visiting hours during selected days at the DAC location. Those Scouters and Friends of Scouting who are interested should contact TAA Docent, Dorothea Lindsey, for details on volunteering on Tuesdays (10 to 2), Thursdays (10 to 2), and Saturday mornings from 10 to noon at the DAC.

    The museum is open year around. Training dates will be established after the list of interested trainees is finalized. Complete training of required operations, activities, and historic details will be provided by the TAA's Museum Trainer, Dana Seymour, at the Scouting Heritage Museum, prior to the announcement of expanded days and hours to the public.

    For More Information

    John Meeker
    Director of History/Museum and Past President, TAA

    Tahosa Alumni Association
    P.O. Box 102938
    Denver, CO 80250-2938